• Facebook responsible for 73.6% of $2.6m social media value at single Champions league match.
  • Instagram delivers 72% of all value in still images and is growing fast in video
  • Rugby followers favour Twitter over Facebook

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LONDON: 31st May, 2016 – YouTube remains the most valuable video content sharing platform for sports sponsors despite strong growth from both Facebook and Instagram, according to a nine month study by London-based digital content monitoring and analytics company SnapRapid.

The study, which involved monitoring, identifying and valuing sponsor branding in a wide range of different sports and events across nine social media platforms, also showed that Instagram delivered significantly more value than any other platform for still images.

SnapRapid technology enables brands to be tracked across all social media and digital platforms. Advanced image recognition technology is used to identify sponsor branding wherever it appears and,  once identified, it is then evaluated according to size, duration and, critically, levels of engagement.  This allows values, based on industry standard methodology to be attached – for the first time enabling sports properties and sponsor brands to factor the value of social media coverage and engagement into sponsorship decision making and strategy development.

The study examined sports including Formula 1, Six Nations Rugby, UEFA Champions League, the FEI Classic Three Day Event in Kentucky earlier this month,  NBA basketball, Grand Slam tennis and international  golf.

It found that 60.42% of the sponsor value derived from video sharing on social media was delivered on YouTube ahead of Facebook (24.94%) and Instagram (4.45%).

Still images also provide a source of additional value for sponsor brands on social media with 72.06% being delivered on Instagram, 22.37% on Facebook and 5.25% on Twitter.

Dailymotion and Google+ came in next as the most valuable platforms for sponsor value, followed by Weibo, Vine, Vimeo, and Reddit.

According to SnapRapid CEO Russell Glenister, understanding the relative strengths of different platforms will be key to negotiating deals and implementing sponsorship programmes as the brand and sports worlds come to terms with the huge financial value generated across social media. This is not currently fully factored into contracts as they are largely based on TV audience figures.

SnapRapid research showed that Facebook alone added $2.6 million of value (73.6 per cent of the total) for the eight main UEFA Champions League partners in a single game (Arsenal v Barcelona, 16/ 03/16) in just one week.

At the at FEI Classic Three Day Event in Kentucky, sponsors Rolex achieved $413,000 of value across social media with 94.2% being delivered by Facebook and Instagram.

Russell Glenister said: “Being able to quantify the extent and value of digital exposure is important to all sports rights owners as well as sponsors themselves.  It has been a guessing game until now. New technologies, such as computer science, have changed that, making it possible to understand true value and to make best practice decisions.

“Critically, they also need to understand which platforms deliver the best value to individual sports and how the importance of various platforms is continually evolving.

“For example, since we began this study in August 2015, we have seen a more than 50 per cent increase in still image value being delivered by Instagram, for sponsors.

“During the same period Facebook has, interestingly, become more valuable on a second-by-second basis, than YouTube for video.”

The study also shows significant variation in value between individual sports on different platforms.   Only 6.45 % of social media value generated around rugby union’s Six Nations Championship came via Facebook – well below the average, with rugby fans appearing to favour Twitter.”

“It’s clear that, as audiences migrate from TV to social media, the old rules of sports sponsorship are less applicable.  It has created a new, more complex environment in which it is necessary to identify where engagement is taking place, to understand its value and, for brands and sports properties, how to make that work.

“By establishing the value of a mass of digital exposure which has largely been unaccounted for by all sports, it is possible to put a different perspective on the sponsorship proposition.

“Brands who sponsor sports don’t know the value of coverage they are achieving through digital, because neither they, nor rights owners who sell sponsorship, have had much of an idea – until now. The whole game has changed, everyone is starting realise that the great unknown that has been digital value can be understood, but only if tracked and valued, as we have been doing through a broad spectrum of sports.  After all, digital is the big, dynamic bright spot – that is the future.”


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SnapRapid is the World’s leading visual tracking and analytics company for rights holders and sponsors in sport. We track sponsor and brand exposure in video and images through social media and digital channels, valuing its coverage and engagement for our clients.


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Russell Glenister • 2nd June 2016

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