PlayStation stars alongside Ronaldo on social media

PlayStation is a familiar brand at UEFA Champions League matches and receives high exposure from its perimeter board advertisements during TV broadcasts. Despite the value that Champions League perimeter board sponsors receive from huge TV audiences, we here at SnapRapid have recognised that this does not always translate to proportional social media value.

Through our visual recognition technology, we have seen that shirt sponsors generally perform better at the expense of perimeter boards on social media. Fans love to share pictures of players in action close up, which often leads to blurred or partial exposure for perimeter board branding. This is the reverse issue with TV, which favours perimeter board exposure.

Most perimeter board sponsors have only ever considered the value from TV, largely because there has been no easy or accurate method of tracking in-stadia advertising exposure on social media. SnapRapid’s deep learning technology is closing that gap and demonstrating the importance of social media tracking to understand the true value of these assets.

One of the most liked and shared images from the recent Champions League group stage matches shows Cristiano Ronaldo warming up before Real Madrid’s clash against PSG. The PlayStation logo on the perimeter board directly behind Ronaldo was prominently featured, almost as if alongside him, and has exclusive brand visibility as the Fly Emirates shirt logo is covered by his training sweatshirt.

Given the importance for PlayStation in reaching out to digitally savvy fans, this image and the engagement it generated provided huge added value to its TV exposure, receiving over 1 million likes in the day after the match. Though this figure may pale in comparison to Champions League TV audiences, PlayStation’s branding has efficiently reached a technologically in-tune audience that will engage with this image for weeks to come.

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Russell Glenister • 23rd October 2015

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