Mourinho sacking boosts Champions League sponsors

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks in the world of European football, with both the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draw and Chelsea FC’s sacking of Jose Mourinho topping the sport headlines. Interestingly, the subjects of these two different stories have cross-pollinated to provide an uplift for both in shared exposure, driven by the buzz of football fans over Mourinho’s availability to take over their favourite clubs.

Fans of clubs such as Benfica, where Mourinho’s career in management began, have been thrilled that the Special One is now available possibly to manage their clubs. This social media buzz was widely accompanied by a photo of Mourinho at a recent UEFA Champions League press conference.  In fact, given that no Champions League sponsor logos were present at the Round of 16 draw, the Mourinho photo provide these brands with the majority of exposure from their sponsorship of the tournament during the week. This is  fitting since Mourinho is the manager with the fourth most wins in Champions League history.

Champions League sponsors tracking only social media conversations around the draw would have missed out on measuring the engagement amongst tens of thousands of football fans sharing branded. SnapRapid’s visual recognition technology analyses image and video pixels rather than tags, so we are able to capture these unforeseen social media conversations that provide value to sponsors.

SnapRapid’s technology and analyses demonstrate that clubs and sponsors must be proactive in understanding how brand exposure trends develop beyond the expected social media conversations. It is critical for stakeholders in both to implement visual-recognition tracking of the sponsor exposure to get real value from their tracking.

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Russell Glenister • 24th December 2015

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