Missed opportunities can be avoided by optimising perimeter board design

Sponsors are of course interested in the value their brands receive as they track exposure through images and videos. However, very few are using their data to identify where exposure opportunities are missed and how to improve the chances of their brand being seen. Through our analysis of vast amounts of visual data posted and shared on social media platforms we often spot missed opportunities, as part of this tracking process.

A valuable use of missed opportunity data is to understand how perimeter board design can be optimised. An illustrative example of this is Pepsi Max’s “bad” luck in missing out in the celebration of the goal that clinched the top spot for Real Madrid in their UEFA Champions League group.

The official Champions League Twitter account posted an image of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale celebrating the crucial goal at the moment Pepsi Max’s branding was featured on the LED boards. Unfortunately, the brand’s logo is obscured by the goal and players. The best place for visibility in this photo would have been to the right of Ronaldo, but only the black background can be seen.

Pepsi Max (PepsiCo) could have received higher exposure value from this widely shared post; sometimes luck plays a part in missed opportunities, other times it’s ineffectual design. PepsiCo generally design their perimeter boards well, but too much empty space is always going lead to more “bad” luck in future.

SnapRapid’s cutting-edge technology not only measures the exposure sponsors receive, but also provides insight into how to avoid missed opportunities. Contact russell@snaprapid if you want to optimise your sponsorship exposure.

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Russell Glenister • 30th November 2015

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