Lay’s in the money from Real Madrid Twitter post

In the penultimate week of the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League group stage matches, we posted about Pepsi Max’s “bad” luck in missing the opportunity to receive a large number of impressions from a highly shared image featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale celebrating Real Madrid’s fourth goal against Shakhtar Donetsk. But PepsiCo had better luck in the final week of the group stage from exposure of its Lay’s brand from, coincidentally, another highly shared image featuring Ronaldo. SnapRapid’s state-of the-art  tracking process is developed to spot these very different scenarios with precision.

Real Madrid scored a stunning eight goals against Malmo FF to equal the biggest victory in the history of the Champions League, with Ronaldo scoring four. This thrilling victory was encapsulated in an image posted by Real Madrid’s official Twitter account celebrating the impressive score, which featured Ronaldo facing away from the camera in a victorious pose.

Lay’s branding was on the LED boards at this crucial moment, and PepsiCo had better luck this time as one of the logos was unobstructed and the famous yellow branding is clearly visible.  Real Madrid’s post was retweeted over 8,800 times, and the image was reposted by Ronaldo fans across the globe.

Whilst PepsiCo had better luck this time, this case further highlights the case for sponsors to recongise the importance of optimising perimeter board designs. For example, if midfielder Isco (#22 in the image) or the referee had blocked the Lay’s logo right when the photo was taken, PepsiCo would have had another missed opportunity. PepsiCo can ensure that it benefits more frequently from images featuring its perimeter board exposure by filling in the empty space to increase the chances that at least one logo will be visible

In order to achieve design optimisation efficiently, sponsors need to have automated and responsive exposure tracking in place. SnapRapid’s technology enables sponsors to understand how to optimise their exposure and ROI with confidence.

Click here to read our analysis on Pepsi Max’s missed opportunity.

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Russell Glenister • 14th December 2015

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