Fly Emirates & Arsenal get their colours wrong

Arsenal’s new 2015-16 away kit of gold and blue, works well as a standout kit, but as shirt sponsors, Fly Emirates, should be disappointed by the choice of colour for the Fly Emirates logo against the gold shirt. Why?

Simply put, in certain lighting conditions, especially during night games and where the weather is a little overcast or worse, the logo just does not show well.

If we had been involved with Fly Emirates and or Arsenal, analysing their visual data we would have tested this, as we do for every new logo we track, using a synthetic data set, which we create, for ensuring accuracy when searching social media for brand logos. We could have used this data to tell both or either that the colour match was wrong.

It’s too late now, but it’s a lesson all sponsors and football clubs should learn, get something as fundamentally important as kit colour and sponsor logo colour combination wrong and it will have consequences. As a club, revenue on the next shirt sponsorship deal may be hit, or as a sponsor, well paid for coverage, is clearly being missed.

Our image trackers picked up the logo on the image of Per Mertesacker, as shown, but our trackers are much more receptive than the human eye, which would and will not have recognised the Fly Emirates logo on this and many other occasions.

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Russell Glenister • 4th September 2015

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