Transfer deadline day Twitter frenzy for (some) clubs


As we have previously discussed there is nothing like a big money transfer to get Twitter fingers tapping. Manchester United’s signing of Anthony Martial from Monaco helped propel them to top of all activity lists on Twitter, except one, the number of posts, which was reserved for Arsenal. As much of this activity was mocking Arsenal and their fans for not being active, we are sure that Manchester United can, in reality, claim that spot too.

Number of posts:

Arsenal 13,787
Manchester United 12,912

In relation to engagement the top two, Manchester United and Arsenal are no surprise, but Southampton did best of the rest, which might surprise some, it did us.

As we track brand engagement these are the figures that interest us most. Unsurprising, with Wenger standing guard at the bank and therefore no transfer activity, Arsenal dropped down the list to 4th. Bournemouth, for such a small club were the surprise top 5 entrants, or their shirt sponsors Mansion Group were anyway:

Manchester United 2,736,387
Manchester City 123,775
Liverpool 90,121
Arsenal 22,361
Bournemouth 13,599

Watford had a brand engagement of 0, no images with their current sponsor got any activity on transfer deadline day.

Contact us for all the figures, they will surprise some of the clubs and their sponsors.

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Russell Glenister • 7th September 2015

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