Arsenal & Fly Emirates get their third colours right

Towards the beginning of the season SnapRapid shared its observations on Arsenal’s gold and blue away kit, and how this negatively impacted brand exposure visibility for Fly Emirates. Arsenal’s third kit, on the other hand, has proven to be very beneficial for Fly Emirates’ visibility. Why?

Arsenal’s third kit, as worn during the club’s recent draw at Norwich City, is not only striking in its modern design, but the dark blue colour allows the white lettering of the Fly Emirates to stand out prominently. Light-coloured letters on dark backgrounds are the best combinations from a visibility consideration, as these are less likely to be obscured by variations in lighting or shade.

This is the first Premier League match of the season in which the Arsenal players wore the third kit. The improvement in visibility over the away kit is immediately clear, especially in medium and long shots. Arsenal have worn the third kit in one Champions League match and one League Cup match. All three matches have been played under lights and Fly Emirates’ exposure has not been affected by these floodlit conditions, unlike the gold and blue away kit.

Had SnapRapid been involved in the decision over kit colours, we would have advised Arsenal and Fly Emirates to choose the dark blue shirt for its away kit, and to avoid the gold and blue one completely. Arsenal can help improve exposure for Fly Emirates this season by giving its dark blue third kit preference over the gold and blue away kit. Otherwise, Fly Emirates will continue to receive suboptimal ROI from its sponsorship.

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Russell Glenister • 2nd December 2015

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